Monday, October 15, 2007

pumpkin guts suddenly sound appealing

Greg gutted our pumpkins yesterday so I decided to reward him with some inane football watching/Xbox joy free time, while I took Zack to his swimming lessons.

I settled in to read Grace (Eventually), plopped in a chair behind the glass observation wall. A young lifeguard somehow managed to escape between our worlds and approached the couple sitting in front of me. I thought, Oh how nice. He's probably telling them that their kiddo is excelling, needs to be moved up. Or maybe the poor darling is scared. What can I say? I was feeling generous.

Then I heard, in painful slo-mo, the words no mother wants to hear at the pool: Open sores.

Yes. Young Master Joey McOozenton* came to the pool, and hopped on in with the unsuspecting youngsters, all with his grandparents' blessing. Good gravy folks, what were you thinking? And, um, ew.

Better yet, they managed to say something to dismiss the concerns, something that made the sores somehow alright-y with the lifeguard. I resisted the urge to plunge through the glass and yank Zack out.

I'm sure I'll regret my inaction soon enough. I think 'quarantine' is the word I'm searching for.

*not his real name
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Spagirl said...


GodshallMama said...

i will never attempt to understand what goes on in the minds of some....

CamiKaos said...

Oh that is so awful... do people not think? Just eeeew.

susiej said...

Good one on that made up name. EWWWWW!! I hope they felt bad!!! And the pool is still open there?

lapoflux said...

Eeewwwwww - gross. Double Gross. Skin cramwling gross. Negligent grandparents.
Fingers crossed on no repurcussions - hopefully there was enough chlorine in the pool to fight anything...???

stephanie said...

I am freaking out on your behalf right now.

Perhaps this is why I don't take the kids to the pool...No, I'm just lazy. And bad. But somehow a little vindicated after this.

So sorry. You'll understand if I say no play dates for a bit, hmm? (KIDDING!)

katydidnot said...

icky. so much.

Still swimming said...

If it is the pool I am thinking of, there is enough chemicals to let a kill just about any ick.

I have to be brave, Stephanie avoids the water like a cat, so I get pool duty.