Friday, October 19, 2007

birthday wishes from Mr. Ed

Today is packed: I'm working out, attending a baby shower and then I'm hauling a bunch of girl scouts out to the woods for horseback camp. Overnight. In the rain. I'm digging out every piece of fleece I own because the weather is dreadful, at least for a trail ride. Lexi is packing lots of thin layers as the scouts wear matching bright shirts over everything, to make them identifiable, if they were to get lost in the woods. I'm thinking if I happened upon a lone, crying girl deep in the woods, I would figure it out. But I'm not the director so we obey.

I'm overlooking the cold and focusing on the time spent with my girl. I better be making it awesome because this trip came at a price. I am taking off on one of the holiest of all holy days in my family - my sister's birthday. You think I jest. I worried a wee bit when the star lined up against me, pitting the beloved horse camp vs. Lori. Lori loves her birthday in a way I just don't understand. There's a lot of plotting involved and a weeklong celebration. Thankfully, she forgave me (you did forgive me, right?) and bought my 'this way you can party all weekend' suggestion. I think she is replaying last year's festivities with friends this year, which sounds fantastic to me.

So, Ms. Lori, have a spectacular birthday! I know you will. I'll be shivering in my sleeping bag tonight, rethinking my commitment to scouts. And perhaps parenting. But you knew that already, huh?

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Spagirl said...

I'm glad that Lori enjoys her birthday. I for one, do not relish in celebrating that I am another year closer to wearing Depends and hearing aids. Birthdays are over-rated. Regardless of the impending rain (and possible lightning) I'm sure you will enjoy yourself at camp and I look forward to hearing about your horseback ride!! Finally!

Lori said...

Hello...birthday girl here. I must say that I love my birthday, but who shouldn't? I guess I've always found joy in the celebration and attention! However, with age, I am enjoying the boy's birthdays just as much if not more now than my own.

Oh, it is fine by me that you went to horse camp tonight - hope you guys stay dry and have fun. Looking forward to continuing the birthday celebration on Sunday!

Big Al's, here we come again!