Monday, October 01, 2007

100 words or less: slumber party

Slumber parties are dumb. Tired girl cries way too much. She is clingy. She doesn't want to go to school. She can't recover, take a nap because the sugar. It courses. No sleepy. Only crying. Makes Mama want to cry or hide or run away. But I can't. I like sleep and listless girl.

Why, child, why were you the last to give in?

Shaving cream is dumb too.

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lapoflux said...

Ah, things for me to look forward to...
I am impressed. I am far too long-winded to write a post in 100 words. But now I feel the need to - once I get the whole bread thing off my chest (later this evening).
I hope your Grandma is doing better and sweet dreams!

Spagirl said...

Those of us with young girls are learning from you...