Thursday, October 25, 2007

the horror of ponies and a God that laughs

After two strenuous days of school, the kids are slacking the rest of the week, doing the half day thing. They raced off the bus yesterday, flooding me with big plans for the day. But alas, I was in the the bad stretch pants - the bad sweats' pitiful cousin - sipping tea. We were grounded.

The rain came back and we had a quiet afternoon, well, except for the kids in my house part. We popped popcorn, and watched Evan Almighty, cackling at bird poopy jokes, dancing like fools with Steve Carell and Morgan Freeman at the end of the show. Yes, the fictional freckled God added an 11th commandment to dance, and I believe in that kind of God. I do.

We all climbed on my bed, books in tow. Zack read a few on his own and then asked me to read a couple more to him. We read some classics: Frog and Toad, Edwina by Mo Willems, the brilliant. Then he raced to the shelf and found one of Lexi's book fair castoffs and begged me to play along. HE MADE ME READ MY LITTLE PONY - PONY PARTY. I thought I'd tossed that sucker long ago. What was I thinking? I mean, look at it:

Sunny Daze was dressed as a cheerleader. She jumped in the air and shook her pom-poms. "Three cheers for Pinkie Pie! She's a lovely butterfly!

So, I read it, sing-songy, jeering, but I read it. Lexi started laughing too, asking me why I hate the ponies like I hate McDonalds. I guess I didn't hide my disdain very well. But bedtime came and didn't have time to explain all the world's evils so I tucked them in, kissed their noggins and turned in, to my pony-less book.


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reader of bedtime stories said...

uggg, My Pretty Pony is almost as bad as the Powerpuff Girls. I groan every time Paige brings them to me. Luckily she does not like them that much either.

So has the MPP book 'gone to a farm' to live out it's days?


Oh, The Joys said...

Mo Willems is a God.

Kevin Charnas said...

"My Pretty Pony" always reminded me of...well...of...I'm just going to say it, fur burgers. It always reminded me of fur burgers.

Crazy? yeah...probably. but there we have it.

Suzanne said...

I don't think I can convey the depth of Zoe's love for My Little Ponies. It's a deep adoration. And I don't mind. Ponies aren't repulsive like Bratz or anything.

I so love Mo. I aspire to write with the wit and inspiration of Mo. "Pigeon Finds a Hotdog" is more popular than candy in our house.

katydidnot said...

my pretty ponies...i totally loved them, and i'm sad to say i sort of still do. sometimes, you can catch me braiding the Girl's ponies' manes and tails. but even i want to choke the life out of whoever made them into books.

bad mom said...

I'm a bit worried that maybe your copy of My Little Acid Trip Pony is a garage sale castoff from us...Hoping not - usually I take them under cover of night and covertly donate them to the less fortunate (in so many ways...I have a little guilt).

Better luck tomorrow.

Irene said...

You made me laugh- thank you. No ponies have entered my house yet and I'm praying they don't! Thanks for a great read- I needed it.

Mrs. Chicken said...

Oy, they ponies. We have them, too. Like one would have a plague.

Daisy said...

We're just entering Ponyness at our home. Ruby had a pon party recently where none other than SunnyDazs herself showed up. The kids had a grand time, and yes, we have the books, CDs with books, ponies, pony carrying cases, combes, brushes, accessories and everything Pony. So far, we're suprisingly OK with it. We handled the Barney phase and the Teletubby phase, so we're OK.