Thursday, October 04, 2007

let's talk about something lighter, tv perhaps

The past few weeks have been heavy. Too heavy. I think I need to tread somewhere lighter today, something I find much easier now that Greg is home. Rumor has it (shhh) that he will be here all week. Like a comedian.

{I am leaping about, with my laptop, which is harder than you might think.}

School let out early yesterday, so the kids camped out upstairs all afternoon, playing uno and zoo. I am guessing about the zoo thing. It's the only way I can explain the bleating and squeals. Zack helped me do the dishes, teetering on his tippy toes. Lexi spoke in exclamation marks about MAKING PILLOWS FROM OLD JEANS! BEING HANNAH MONTANA FOR HALLOWEEN! AND HER HAIR! HER HAIR!

(And I must ask, when will she stop talking about it? I suffered through a haircut Saturday, actively ignoring her frowny face, forcing her to tell the nice lady what the heck she wants. Which was bangs. Bangs = tween panacea, for about 347 minutes. Oh, they were glorious hours.)

We hustled to finish our chores before Greg pulled up, just in time for popcorn and Pushing Daisies. I am embracing this quirky show, sending it love and good vibes and hoping it doesn't get cancelled. Television-making people, listen up: I need this show. I need its cast. I need at least one or two decent new shows, preferably that I could watch with my kids. Last week, I gave Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice the axe. And I used to love 'em, but I had to take them off my DVR because I can't take the dumb things you are making those lovely characters do.

(For instance, Lexie Grey proclaims 'I am your sister' while Meredith is rolling a woman with an amputated arm into the ER. Who would do this? No really. Make it stop. Where's my remote?)

Sorry, I got all crazy there for a moment.

So, last night, the Milton four grabbed a blanket, scarfed popcorn and watched the humble pie maker resurrect his childhood sweetheart.

And everything else washed away, down the street with the storm.

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CamiKaos said...

I tried to watch pushing up daisies but for some reason channel 2 alone on my cable is all weird. I was considering trying to watch it on their website, I think they do that... but wasn't sure if it was worth the trouble. It was good? Worth the trouble, the first 5 minutes were so delightful and whimsical it looked like the kind of thing I could get into.

GodshallMama said...

i hate to admit it, but i'm so excited all 'my shows' are back. nothing like letting go and letting your brain be on cruise control after a long day.

Suzanne said...

Crap... I wanted to watch this show! I'll have to see if I can download it. I am rarely excited about tv shows, but Pushing Daisies was one that I'm actually excited about.

Corey~living and loving said...

I liked it too...and I am sooooooooo sick of reality TV I need some good new shows too.

Anonymous said...

I have heard good things about Pushing Daisies, maybe I'll check it out on line.

Stephanie and I are waiting for LOST to come back. We got sucked into that show big time...

Glad Greg is be in town all week (Thanks ladies and gentlemen, try the Veal!). Hope the good mojo flows Milton Land.


katydidnot said...

oh, lord, save us from the bangs....