Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Warning: the following post....ZZZZZ

Excuse me while I wipe the drool from the corner of my mouth and attempt to write today. I didn't have any pressing engagements this afternoon. It was supposed to be me and my laptop, in blogger bliss. Me, sitting here, reading other blogs and looking up random useless things on Wiki. Instead both computers conspired against me. Blogger wouldn't work right. I couldn't find a graphic with the bloodshot eye. (I thought for sure there would be some cute druggy clipart available.) If I wasn't so rummy, I would be counting to ten, throwing a fit. As it is I don't know if I can count to ten.

I am rather adverse to taking meds; I will find a way around it if I can. I am trying out some prescriptions, hoping to get some pain relief without using narcotics or steroids. Lucky for me, there were some options available, some things I hadn't tried yet. I can note a change already (the doctor said it may take a week or two), but she wasn't kidding when she said these puppies would make me sleepy. Good thing I am ramping up slowly over the next three weeks or I, dear reader, would still be in bed.

There was a fire drill at the school yesterday while I was doing a little research for Lexi's teacher. As I stood to follow the kids out of the building, I could have sworn I saw smoke. I had a sudden sense of urgency until I remembered the pharmacist saying something about visual disturbances. I paused (until the librarian yelled at me) to think that hallucinations may be hazardous to my parenting skills, and then I considered how terse and impatient I can be when my nerves are angry.

(Um, I'll take door number three, please.)

Sure hope the school doesn't host a anti-drug campaign this week. My kids will rat my sorry stoned butt out and never look back. Well, until they get hungry that is.

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