Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Beam me up

Early this evening, while I was doing dishes and deliberating over dinner, I grew ill. Fast. Suddenly dinner wasn't on my mind - I settled for a blanket and a bucket on the couch until Greg got home. I imagine it was the increase in pills that threw me for a loop or maybe I was feeling lazy and wanted to get out of dinner.

Either way, I squeezed in a nap.

When I came to, Lexi was hovering above me, like she had been there all along. I sat up and took a sip of ginger ale and gave my girl some love when she asked if I had seen the movie, 'Left Behind'.

"You mean the religious movie? How'd you hear about that?"

"Oh, I don't know if it is religious. Soandso* said that it was so good. I really need to see it. See, there's this portal where all the good people get sucked up into and then there's all these battles between God and, um, I don't know. I think it was kinda like that movie you were watching that you said we shouldn't take too literally. What was that movie again?"

Oh crap.

"You mean 'Dogma'? See, because that was a movie I was watching. Some parents may not approve of that movie honey. Maybe you shouldn't talk about religious movies at school, just to be safe."

She went on to tell me that Soandso loves God and she loves God so what does it matter if we like different movies. And sweet child o' mine, I whole-heartily agree with you. But something tells me that the 'Left Behind'-watching parents may not embrace my Kevin Smith-loving ways.
That come rapture, I may be so busted.

I can only hope I was still dreaming.

*Soandso is not some hippy, Pacific NW name. I am just protecting the innocent, God-fearing babes at school.


Stu said...

I would pick Dogma over Left Behind too. I actually think that you and Greg would be good people to discuss the 'extremes' of religion based on both of your religious upbringing. This movie might actually be a good way to discuss your beliefs with Lexi. If it is extreme then it is a good place to talk about cults and such.

The people who would really look down at you don't have their kids in public schools. It is the same attitude about sex ed: 'we want to be able to talk about this at home' which is code for 'we don't talk about this at all'

Should we discuss politics next? Always a dinner-party-conversation-stopper...

stephanie said...

Well don't I feel silly being afraid to recommend "Dogma" to the teens in our church youth group! I think Kevin Smith is awfully brilliant, what with a charming demon in Jason Lee and a surprisingly lovable stoner prophet in Jay. What more could a Christian family want? ha. So we will sit together at the outcast-parent table...

Lisa Milton said...

Ok, it would make me feel better to clarify that Lexi caught the end of Dogma while it was on TV - and very edited. We talked about Alanis playing God and the 'angry' angels. Most of which she didn't get anyway. But I was worried that she would, innocently, offer up her movie review...So not to worry - I won't be showing Clerks to the neighborhood kids. (Well, not yet. =])

I remember getting into a heated discussion with my friend, Rachel, who was a Jehovah's Witness when I was a kid. It led to a phone call home - I was busted for discussing religion at school. So I guess I have been sitting at the bad table a long time...

But at least I will be in good company. And there will be juicy conversation.