Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The dump day cometh, take three

It is early. I had to do a test run, and see if Blogger still had a grudge against me. (What did I ever do to you, Mr. Blogger? I am so faithful.) Between trips to Goodwill and bagging up debris for the dump run tomorrow, I tried posting an update on Garage Purge 2007 twice. That's writing two times, on the clunky upstairs computer*, while I am knee deep in memorabilia and art supplies. Here's what I found while excavating boxes yesterday:

  • Art supplies. More than you might imagine - dating back to my BC (before children) years when I had this longing to draw and paint.
  • Spiral notebooks and fancy-schmancy journals. More than any one woman should be allowed to procure. The trees wept.
  • Pictures. More than your average paparazzi fella on FX could muster.

I think I mentioned art supplies twice but that's okay because Blogger may still hate me. I could just be talking to myself.

Let's just say Monday lived up to her reputation.

*My sweet, precious laptop is with the doctors at Best Buy. Oh I do hope she returns to me soon. *boo-hoo*

1 comment:

stephanie said...

Ah, Monday, Monday - can't trust that day! I'm surprised I wasn't crying all day...

I am happy for you, with all the purging and such. And persisting with Blogger - my computer would have been at the morgue if I'd been denied posting; you know how labored this process is for me. Witness today's post - a redirect to stuff I wrote long ago.

Here's to Tuesday! I think we can trust this one...