Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Did I mention that when she isn't perfecting her stalking skills Lexi plays football with the boys at school during recess? Ah, yes. Rumor has it that she caught someone's fist in the mouth yesterday - and amidst the tears, she said she felt a 'little rock in her mouth'. Oops. By the time I got the call, she was a wreck, apologizing for getting hurt. Silly goose.

According to the dentist, she has a second degree fracture. I have no idea what that means, but we are coming back tonight to get it bonded.

(It's hard to see in the picture - it's the front bottom tooth on the left. She is looking forward to showing all her friends her hockey-girl smile today.)


Anonymous said...

Sniff...i'm so proud. She took that better than switching out her earrings the first time.

Stu said...

Cutie and able to lay the smack down.... Want to borrow my shotgun for when the boys start coming around?