Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pandora's Xbox

A few years back, Greg bought me a video game for Mother's Day - an odd choice for a woman that didn't know how to turn the Xbox on, but in his defense, it was a Buffy game and we all know how gaga I am for all things Buffyverse. Still, I don't have the time/interest to invest in gaming because I know it is the black hole of time suckage and I am versed in wasting time on other media outlets, namely books, movies and inhaling HBO series when they come out on DVD. I don't need help piddling away the hours that could be spent raising the youngins or keeping the house from going into total disarray.

I made the grave error of pulling the game out a couple of weeks ago, when Greg was off to some work event - to the surprise and delight of my dumbstruck kids. I am the killjoy of gaming, unlike Daddy, the King of fun. (See how that works.) And I have to admit, it was fun, once I figured out what I was doing because deep down, I would love to be the chosen one, but I digress. My point here is that I unleashed the beginning of the end; my night of Xbox has sparked a tireless pursuit of nonstop gaming. No longer am I the oddball in the family, the weird one who sets limits. In their eyes, I am down with the tossing off of all responsibilities in favor of reaching the next level or gaining additional health 'points'.

I need my street cred back.

Zack in particular is showing the Y chromosome for electric gadgets. Every morning, after he announces how many days to his birthday and some math problem, he asks what he needs to do before he plays X-Men. I like the way he is devouring his breakfast and getting dressed without any additional prompts or threats. I am not so sure I like his obsession with the joystick or whatever they are called now. I try to remember once upon a time, I was in love with our Atari 800. It was the best thing ever back then. I was older than Zack (no technology existed when I was a wee one), but I do recall scrambling to get ready so I play a little Popeye before Junior High.

I guess nerd runs on both sides of the family after all.


scribbit said...

You cracked me up with this. Your street cred? You're so hipster.

Stu said...

I used to love playing Popeye at the 7-11 by my house as a kid. It was the only video game (arcade style) that I was good at. I was always jealous of the guys that had girls watching them play at the arcade, so when I got good at Popeye and had a couple of 'ladies' that watched it was the peak of my jr. high cool.

The good thing about having the video game out is that you can take it away. The loss of computer game time can be quite a motivator for Mason.

Peace out man.....

Oh, The Joys said...


Gregor said...

Ahhh [hands wreathing], she has bitten the fruit...and it tasted good.