Monday, March 26, 2007

And it came to pass that Zack turned 6

Zack woke up at 4:30 on his birthday Saturday, I guess to reminisce over old times for I distinctly remember being up early the day he was born. We were able to get him back to bed, at least until six - he probably perched outside our door, waiting until I got up. I nearly tripped on him.

We coasted through the morning. He made it through his first soccer meeting, and played video games while I put the final touches on his Star Wars extravaganza. As we approached the noon hour, he showed signs of meltdown. He started crying for lunch, acting as if he typically is neglected and often goes hungry. Then I saw the toothpaste he had 'accidentally' put in his hair. I started to run some bath water and had to go to a quiet corner before I lost my mind as well. I was all OCD, why, why, why are my kids always the anxious ones?! WHY? I have many theories and they all center on my parental failings. (Great future post fodder.) I talked myself down off the window ledge and remembered that all kids have a 'B' side - and so far, mine haven't been pegged as bullies or troublemakers, so I should try calming down myself. I called Greg, who was picking up a few more things for the party, and told him what was going down. He laughed and tried to bait me into taking a bet that Zack would puke by day's end. I tried to appreciate the levity in his voice (my sense of humor was on time delay) and fed the best child candidate for Paxil west of the Mississippi.

Crisis averted.

Mr Milton, birthday boy

By the time the wee partiers arrived, he was his old zany, goofy self again. There was games and relays, cake and Star Wars music - but most importantly, there was the Darth Vader pinata. This was his only birthday requirement. It was a rambunctious time, but I think it was also a hit. There was no blood, no crying and everyone left on a sugar high. Win, win, win.

They turned to the dark side

Later, we had family over for lasagna (Zack's favorite) and re-lit the light saber candle for another round of wishes. His cousin, Austin, played until 8:15 that night while I visited with my sister. He was disappointed he had to leave 'so soon', especially because Zack got some great loot, but we reminded him that he is welcome to come back. And that he had been here since 1 pm. It was a full day.

Alien ladies

So, happy birthday my big boy. We love you.

Building a starship with Daddy

Greg and Zack putting together a starship.
Zack and his cousin, Austin
Austin and Zack


Stu said...

You gotta give Greg credit for the puke bet, that is funny. I make "heads exploding" bets (have not won yet). Glad everyone survived, and thank you for my bday card. Has the countdown for next year started? Remember it is only 360 some days away!

Dave, Lori, Austin & Caden said...

I completely know the "birthday" feeling...and it's great (if you don't puke)!

Lexi's next...can't believe how big they are both getting.

Austin is waiting for Zack (and his new toys) to come play tomorrow!

Aunt Lori

scribbit said...

Your title is a hoot, I love it.

"And it came to pass" :)

Irene said...

Augie is so jealous... yes, they are still up watching one of their favorite shows- Deadliest Catch! Everyone had a late nap today after the Zoo so they are still going strong. Wish Zach a Happy Birthday and Augie says, "May the Force be with you, Zack!"

Oh, The Joys said...

Yay! Happy Birthday to Zack!