Friday, March 23, 2007

If loving you is wrong

Dear Laptop,

How are you? I hope you are having fun on your vacation. I hear Best Buy is a great destination for Spring Break. I hope you are making new friends, and well, I guess I should just cut to the chase here.


There I said. I know I acted all brave when you left last week, but it turns out I need you. I was wrong to ever let you go. What was I thinking?

BLT (before lap top) computer is slow and doesn't understand me and my needs. You know, the ways you are always doing little things to make my life easier. Like I type a few letters, and bingo, you take care of it. And you let me post on my blog and mother, AT THE SAME TIME. BLT is possessive and makes me sit around and wait while it wakes up the little rodents I think it uses for slave labor. I'm afraid BLT is trying to keep me from my friends and family - it is creeping me out.

Shh, I think BLT is coming - I have to go. I don't know what it would do if it found out about my deep feelings for you. Please consider giving me another chance.

All my love,

Mama Milton

1 comment:

Shai said...

If this is not the funniest thing ever!!! I was laughing so hard, there are real tears in my eyes!!! I understand this pain, as my BLT has locked up on me once already this morning. Perhaps my little rats went on break?
I never how good it could be with a laptop...(sighs as she daydreams lovingly)