Friday, March 09, 2007

Lent, light

The following post is rather long for a Friday. Discretion is advised. (Feel free to blame it on my cocktail of wonder meds, although, I must admit, I feel better today. Thanks for asking.)

Here we are two weeks into Lent, and I still haven't decided what I am fasting from, or to for that matter. We are not Catholic or Greek Orthodox, but this is the second year our family has observed the weeks leading up to Easter. I may be a tenderfoot when it comes to the Christian calendar, but I think I am running behind. It may be suggested that I give up my procrastinating ways, but it is far too late for that. How convenient. I might be beyond help, unless there is some Divine intervention.

I know many people fast from foodstuff: sugar (Oprah), meat (holy vegans), alcohol (bad Christians) or coffee (bad Mormons). I guess anything that you are beholden to counts. This leaves me with so many options - do you have all day? Oh good, me neither. It's suffice to say that I am too attached to too many earthly joys. I am set for many Lenten seasons to come.

I like the idea of striving to something, adding something to your spiritual life. (Maybe this is a sign of my religious decline. I'd rather add anything than give up something.) Consider this my baby steps towards growth, a trial run.

I have never been what you would call your go-to domestic girl. Need a recipe? Don't look at me. Want housekeeping tips? Don't look in my closets. Wonder why I don't reciprocate the dinner invitation? Don't feel ignored or unloved; I like you just fine. It's my need (some call it pride) to do everything Suzy Homemaker approved and my lack of innate domestic skills that make me fellowship-phobic.

I have made strides this year, inviting people over for dinner. Greg's birthday dinner ran smoothly - I soaked up the compliments on the Italian wedding soup, even from my Grandma. Other times, I realize I made too much food, or too little, or I forgot to make the coffee later on. I study my friends that make hospitality look so natural - what do they serve, how do they act? I think I am starting to catch on. I have also started to relax a little bit. It has become clear to me that God doesn't ask me to entertain, though it is fun to celebrate and may I admit, feel like I have impressed my friends and family. God, however, doesn't seem interested in award-winning recipes or whether I get kudos. He asks me to be willing to open my heart and my home, however humble. However simple. I think I have been missing the point.

So, I am striving to be less of a hermit - to create an inviting, welcoming place even if it makes me squirm a little. It seems appropriate that Lent will close in time for me to host Easter this year. It may not be perfect, but I hope it will be pleasing.

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daverichards said...

Well Easter is slowly approaching and people all around are getting excited about it...and in the spirit of Easter do drop by my blog on Easter Greetings and enjoy all that's there!!!

Lisa Milton said...

Thanks Dave. I will check out your site.

Stu said...

At least you are contemplating giving something up. I was raised Lutheran (Pope-free Catholic lite) and never had the fortitude to give something up. It always reminded me of a New Year's resolution; something to be broken soon. If something really needs to be removed from my life I felt it made more sense to do it right then, not when a season came along.

Glad to hear you are feeling less foggy.

Anonymous said...

Easter will be fabulous...we can't wait!