Friday, February 23, 2007

Wrong on so many levels

"Mom, who's my stepmom?"

"You don't have a stepmom, Zack. Do you know what a stepmom is?"

"My friends have stepmoms. They get lots of Moms. I just was wondering when I will get more."


"Well, thankfully, Daddy and I are married so I don't see any extra Moms or Dads in your life anytime soon. You're stuck with us."

The room is filled with disappointment. More parents must be better. More is better right?

"I know who Daddy would marry if he was looking for a new wife."

"Oh, really?" This I gotta hear.

"Yeah, this person is goofy."

"I am goofy."

"Mom, you are outta the picture. This person took a bath today."

I see where this is going.

"Daddy would marry me. I could be my own stepmom. That would be really cool."

"Yes, dear. It would be a first in kindergarten. And well, wrong, on so many levels."

"Really? Oh. Thanks for the orange Mom. I love oranges."

And with that he ate his lunch; I think the orange redeemed me. I guess I am sufficient, at least for today.


Stu said...

One day; shower=neglecting child, next day; no shower=divorce/replacement. Looks like you are going to need to get up at 3am to shower, primp, and be a presentable loving mother before anyone can notice. Good luck ;)

I like being the Dad, stinky is sort of a badge of honor among men...

Anonymous said...

I couldn't stop laughing!!!


scribbit said...

That's classic! Move over, there's a new stepmom in town. LOL

Gregor said...

Yeah, and a few more levels after that. Wow.