Monday, February 26, 2007

Local news

The details are still coming in, but tonight it has become apparent that the bitty red-tailed shark, a favorite with locals, staged a Nemo-esque quest for freedom - managing to become tragically stuck. He found himself perpendicular, lodged. The authorities were alerted by the siren scream of a girl in the area, followed by her brother's panic and the dog barking. A rescue team was able to pop the pet from the filter with the jaws of life, setting him free and straight to the bottom of his tank. The authorities began to call his time of death when he made a tremendous comeback and began to swim. Unfortunately, he had sustained serious injuries and found he could only swim in pathetic circles; his eyes mighty misshapen. The authorities prepared the family for the likelihood of his demise while they stood nearby and watched his slow departure to the great sea beyond.

Authorities have considered questioning the Gourami brothers. Fish in the area have been asked to contact the police with any further information. The area surrounding the filter has been closed, until an investigation can be completed.

Counselors will be provided at the tank.

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Stu said...

I thought I heard sirens earlier today... I'm sure we will see an adaption of the tragedy on CSI Monday, no, CSI Tuesday, or is it CSI Boise?

My condolences to the wee ones. Are you planning a burial at sea via the bowl-of-transport or a land burial in a matchbox?