Thursday, February 08, 2007

Feeling Minnesota

The rain has returned and I am feeling gloomy. Greg is out of town; we have only had a few minutes on the phone before his call has been dropped or he has been swept away to a meeting. During our short, but jarring conversation Tuesday, we chatted about some opportunites* for advancement that could be brewing. I put on my good wife hat and listened, proud and cooperative. But then he asked me how I would feel if there came a time when we would have to relocate for this lucky break and I became speechless. (I'm sure you know by now that doesn't happen all that often.) We talked about the logistics, briefly, before he left me with the impression that this was all blackboard talk and that he may be able to advance his career and keep the mothership planted here. And then he had to go.

I teased him about interrupting my special House time with bad/good news. He reminded me not to worry or panic; nothing has been decided. It's speculative. I want Greg to flourish - God knows he deserves it. I want to be supportive and yet I know that as his career grows, we will face these kind of decisions. Advancement also means more travel, something we have adjusted to over the past year, but difficult. I am also equally committed to the life we have been building here over the past 3 years. Our roots have taken; we are happy. I am old enough to know that not everything can be replicated by sheer will and whimsy when you pick up and move.

A couple of days have passed. I am terrible at waiting and wish I could talk to Greg; I know together we will figure this out. I know the proverbial cake tastes sublime.

*In the off-chance it appears that I am divulging top secret company plans, I am not. I am not announcing anything because nothing has happened. Gee, I sound just like him. What drama.

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