Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Oh Looky!

I started reading Gray Matter after Susan Isaacs wrote a snappy rebuttal to an article that said, flat out, that women are not funny. (That article had really irked me.) Check out her site - she's a riot. And I am not taking it back.

You may have caught Susan last week on My Name is Earl. She played Randy's, um, friend. 'In the Lord.' After a few drinks. I did the 'I-have-exchanged-email-with-that-actor-right there' dance in my living room while the troops rolled their eyes. They apparently did not appreciate my brush with greatness. It's a good thing they weren't nearby when I saw I am a finalist in her Jack Nicholson caption contest. I'm under the impression that the eyes are sensitive organs and can indeed get stuck like that. Just so you know.


Stu said...

When we get together next time I will need your autograph.

Lisa Milton said...

Hey Stu, thank you for casting a vote for me. I am sure you felt somewhat coerced - sorry. But your eyes are intact. For that I am thankful. =]

Stu said...

No coercion. If I didn't like yours I would have done it under 'anonymous'