Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Pass me the vodka...

It isn't apparent to the naked eye, but I don't buy many CDs these days. I have oodles of old CDs from my 20s, threatening to fall on small children. These towers hail from a time when I felt entitled to peruse music stores and stay out late following local bands. I'm all grown up now and can't justify spending money on unknown bands; I guess this is my descent into being an old fogey.

Until I heard Regina Spektor on CBS's Sunday Morning. (Where no doubt all edgy new music gets it start. Definitely fogey-bound.) I stopped mid-muffin, smitten. Her voice is pure; her attitude refreshing. They showed a clip of her playing the piano, and a drum, while belting out a melody even Simon (that Simon) would endorse. I knew right then, in that instant, that I would buy Begin to Hope and play it without ceasing. It would be the soundtrack to our daily round - until it wore out its welcome the way CDs do when you play them nonstop.

I could say more, but I'll leave you with the following links, just in case you're curious. I guess I am a fan of the anti-folk movement (a fusion of punk and folk). Who knew?

CBS interview transcript

Regina Spektor myspace

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