Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Big Love, light

I have rewritten today's post three times. And failed miserably. I wanted to write about HBO's original series, Big Love - it seemed like a fun idea for Valentine's Day - and yet, yet, I couldn't pull it together. Somehow every time I tried to segue between picking out the right Valentine for my honey to polygamy, it came out wrong. Like I wanted a sister wife. So, I guess Jeanne's lovely picture will have to do.

It's 8:32 pm and I am officially giving up. Instead, I offer you today's pictures from lunch with my lady folks, while the fellas were working. Because that's romantic...
Yes, you may notice the matching outfits. No, I am not allowed to tease or make fun. And no, we aren't starting a band.

Lori and I, waiting for lunch.

Aunt Lori and the boys. They love the red rooster's fries.

My lovely elders (ooh, that's a fun term), my Grandma, Jean, and my Mom, Donna.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You can make fun of Mom and I matching, as it wasn't planned (duh...), but don't make fun of my little boys! I know that everyone is tired of their "matchy, matchy", but it makes me happy...and they like to see their Mommy happy!

Let's wear blue next Valentine's Day, okay? :)