Thursday, February 22, 2007

Note to self: bathe during school hours

Greg is away and the fates have deemed that now is the time for the crazy to return. To wit: Lexi cried for 20 minutes as I peeled her off of me and sent her to school. This is my independent daughter, the one that has asked me to not volunteer at school too much and insists I leave during her playdates. She is her own (young) woman. I don't know if Greg's absense has left her bereft or if something is wrong at school or if she was just feeling sleepy and didn't want to go to her student council meeting. Her only explanation was that she misses me. When I tried to breathe logic into the situation - you were home, sick, yesterday, and we spent the entire day together - she said, and I quote, "but you took a shower last night, I hardly saw you." Sob. Sob. Sob. This is God's way of bringing a little humor into the fray, that despite my 24/7 care, she somehow felt abandoned when I stepped away, up the stairs, for 15 private shower moments. Whatever was I thinking.

Personal hygiene: a slippery slope to child neglect. Now I know.

I have a new post up at Much to My Sjogren - my otherwise-neglected blog. Haven't read it before? That's ok, I haven't been there much myself. It's where I contemplate the nature of chronic illness (whine) - if you're into that sort of thing.

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