Thursday, February 15, 2007


I wish I could be a runner, a marathon runner. Or at least I would like to tell people I am because that is a respectable athletic activity. It is glamorous and rugged. But I have bad knees and I don't like running, so I guess I won't be signing up for a marathon any time soon. I am a pedestrian and it is about as sexy as it sounds.

I take to the road several times a week around my neighborhood. At first, my walking schedule was forced, regulated. Now, I look forward to it. I listen to books I've missed along the way and music with the questionable lyrics or words (the songs we don't play during carpool). Sometimes I like the quiet.

Along the way, I find a rhythm. I step back from the fence with the two fierce, nasty dogs that used to startle me. I wear glasses when the wind blows; gloves when the temperature drops. I spot empty nests in bare, abandoned trees. I wave at strangers and make way for the elderly couple that is jogging by me, determined and weary all at once. I point the way to Wal-Mart, when a car pulls over, desperate and chuckle over their retail 'emergency'.

I imagine if I ran, if I accelerated my pace, I would miss a lot. So much for being a jock.


stephanie said...

First, I join you in the 'we don't run' category (unless I'm being chased, but still not for long...I would make the perfect horror movie victim). Second, yahoo to you for exercising and making it sound enviable. Last, you are kinder than I about directing people to Wal-Mart. I'm pretty sure I would pretend not to know...

Stu said...

You could the the wally-marters that Target is just down the road and it does not suck like being in Walmart. Keep up the fun.

Lisa Milton said...

I have to say that the retail emergency was quite funny. For one moment, I honestly thought that the man was going to: abduct me, so I would be forced to run or there was a woman giving birth in his car, and I was going to aid in delivery. Because he looked stricken! I don't think he really understood my directions anyway and is lost in the hills surrounding Camas. You will know him by his breathless desire to save money - I tell you, avoid eye contact. =] Hope you two are starting a fun long weekend.