Monday, September 29, 2008

monday comes slowly and all at once

I rolled over this morning, hip popping and ears attuned to the racket down the stairs. A rousing game of Clue - I grab my alarm clock for verification - was underway at 6:08 am.

Beds were made; giggling and murderous accusations were being tossed across the kitchen table.

I headed for my coffee pot and prayed for that kind of energy. I pretty sure it doesn't come in a cup.

I woke up groggy after a busy weekend. We visited with Greg's mom at the fairgrounds Saturday; she was showing a couple of llamas from their herd and showcasing some of her yarn and felted hats.

Our realtor booted us out yesterday for another open house. No offers were made, but at least we had some visitors that gave us some feedback.

(I hate washing windows for nothing.)

And if the market wasn't tanking - as I type - I would feel mighty cheery right now. At least productive.

I'm stepping onto my porch and taking a media breather - I've been yelling at the radio and TV far too much this week - to soak by some vitamin D.

By the cup or by the ray, I'm trying to talk myself out of the blues.


Kimberly said...

Hope those blues clear up soonly. It's so hard to fight 'em sometimes.

On the up side though...

You. Are. Fabulous.

So there.

holly said...

clue at 6:08? who can do clue at 6 am? oy. your children need some clues.

oh see what i did there.

that was almost funny.


Mrs. G. said...

Will you have your kids send me some of their energy?

Shana said...

I am a yarn harlot and now need to know more about the handspun yarn of which you speak. Do tell.

Hope you got outside and soaked up some nature's antidepressant today.

: )

phd in yogurtry said...

Clue at 6am? Wow! The only game my kids play that early is "who can hit the snooze button more, me or mommy?"

flutter said...

You rock, at 608 am I am pretty sure someone would have died at my house....

Suzanne said...

Did someone say the market's tanking? Man, whatever you do, don't look at Greg's 401K. We looked at Jon's... and then we cried. And then we canceled Christmas. And we may have to send back the new baby.

Oh and ps- beds made at 6am? Where can I buy kids like yours??

brandy101 said...

oh lordy, I know; things are pretty scary right now. Stay in the sun and do NOT turn on the tv!

On another note, is there any chance you could rent your house out to meet the payment on it?

Many builders in our area are offering plans whereby if you buy one of their new homes, they will GUARANTEE they can get a renter for your current home. It was a bit shocked when I heard that (in the past they would help you SELL you old home) but I guess its better than nothing.

lapoflux said...

I got stuck on the part about beds being made. Wow.

Just to be clear - they did that without being told to?

I am still stuck on that point. Wow.

Sorry to hear about the blues - bleah. I hope things turn around soon, it's no fun trying to sell a house, and the markets certainly aren't helping you. Fingers crossed for you. The renting sounds like an idea - I am not sure what the tax laws are in the US, but we've used a property manager and their fees are tax deductible (so any "profit" ha ha, yeah right we made was cut back by the managers fees). Might be worth a shot?

Beck said...

You know, I have no idea how I'd react if I came upon a game of Clue at 6:08 a.m. I may just have sat upon the stairs and CRIED.

So you are stronger people than me.

JCK said...

Sunshine helps. Sometimes you just have to turn off all the noise. Well...except for Clue at 6:08am. :)