Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ass project '08, leading by example

They mocked me, outright.

They popped in my circa 1990 VHS copy of Denise Austin, the knocked up version.

How this made the staging cut, I can't explain. I'm pretty sure it needs a good home.

Lexi and her friend giggled and poked fun at me, asking pointed questions about leotards and why is it so easy when she clearly - in their eyes - had a pillow lodged in that spandex.

Oh the folly of youth.

The next morning, they trailed along with me to Jazzercise, searching for ghosts at the Grange and occasionally stopping to watch me stretch and dance.

Someday soon, my daughter might be mortified by my dorkitude.

But I hope I am planting a seed, this commitment to fitness that bypasses aches and pains; gender or age. I hope that when the cringing stops, they see men - ok, one man - and women of all shapes, ages and sizes, shaking their money makers and breathing.

Fitness isn't for the elite. It's for everyone.


My friend, Erika, and I hit a trail by a lake yesterday, clocking six miles with her lab puppy and daughter in tow. The air was crisp, and perfect. We hope to keep it up, once a week, rain or shine. (And hopefully, we'll get back earlier for her to pick up her daughters after school. Yikes.)

Today, Bad Mom joins me for a walk by our skate park while our kids ride their bikes and relish their Big 5th Grader on Campus status.

I think this means she likes me. I know she's not coming for the sweat.


Mrs. G. said...

"Someday soon, my daughter might be mortified by my dorkitude."

Count on it.

You and Bad Mom enjoy your walk.

Denise said...

I hope you and Bad Mom have a great walk tonight!

flutter said...

work it, babe!

San Diego Momma said...

My daughter is already mortified by my dorkitude. And she's 4. No lie. She rolls her eyes at me and says "whatever," just like a 13-year-old.

She's locked in the closet right now...

p.s. Have a good walk! Here's to your ass!

The Girl Next Door said...

You Go Girl! and yeah, you're lucky if she's not already mocking you. My Daughter does it daily - unless she gets to pick out my outfit - you know the one she picked out when we were shopping together.

phd in yogurtry said...

You GO, girl! You are rockin'! And then there's me. Whose fairly decent exercise regimen seemed to take a nosedive the day after I commented to Mrs G that I would join her project.

Gonna change that. Soon.

Suzanne said...

It's great that your kids see you exercising, being all healthy and energetic. What a fantastic example you are! While I have slacked off considerably since hitting the sixth month of pregnancy, my husband continues to bike to work each day and jog on the weekends. I hope my kids are watching him more than me right now...

All Adither said...

That is frightening. Shiny, pink leotard over very pregnant belly. I'd rather see her in a belly shirt.

stu said...

Thanks for walking with my Lady (and watching our kids).


holly said...

*I* FREAKING had denise austin in the 90s! she definitely lost her pillow-fat fast because shortly after this she was doin' skinny-bitch stuff. i wasn't, but she was.