Thursday, November 09, 2006


I wanted to write a great book blurb, but I didn't like Music for Torching. Not enough to write a bunch about it. It is a stark, hard view of suburban life-which, by the way, I like. I enjoy a wide range of subversive titles. But I usually can identify with the angst behind the dark plotline, and I empathize with the characters. Just didn't happen for me here.


I love BloggerBeta (so far). My DIY approach to building categories has been such a waste of time. Now I can stay HTML-ignorant and still do fun stuff. Yah.


I have had a date every day this week. Not that kind of date; coffee dates with friends. Imagine me, having friends, being social. I am a college slacker chick again. With girl scouts, and a mortgage, and kids to raise, and a husband to love, and dinner to make, and words to write, and house to clean, and church to serve, and books to read, and. Ok. My true slacker days are over. Praise be the productive


ding said...

am so envious. you're using blogger beta. i want to, but they won't let me. my blog is too big and i have more than one! waah!

anyway, thanks for the link!

Lisa Milton said...

It's one of the few advantages of being new to the blog world. I got the impression that all blogger blogs will eventually convert--being able to play with the template alone is worth it.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!