Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Among my worries

We in the northwest are accustom to rain, but this is ridiculous. Floods. And it keeps coming. We live in a suburb, but we have several trees on our property--it tricks my brain into thinking we are just a little rural.

The trees are cause for many sleepless nights. Within 6 days of moving in, we suffered 80 mph winds that took off most of our roof. Welcome to home ownership. I don't remember the realtor bringing up the fact that we are in the route of the famous East, Chinook winds that rip up the Columbia River gorge. We lost three big branches in August that took out part of the fence, but no damage to the house. It scared us though. Made us shudder the noise was so loud.

So, I worry about trees falling on our house. Not that there's much I could do if it happens. I worry first about our safety, our home. But truth be known, I am scared that if I did survive a tree landing in my bed, there would be footage of our bedroom clutter on the nightly news. Nothing keeps me clean and tidy like the fear of being outed for the clutter keeper I am. (See also slob.) I guess this is a built-in cleaning intervention for the next 4 months. God works in mysterious ways.

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