Wednesday, November 22, 2006

It matches my car

To go with my car
Originally uploaded by mama.milton.

Well, sorta.

I have never been a car person, and I tend to drive like an old lady. I drove a SUV, a Dodge Durango, when my need to tote four little kids was stronger than my fear of rolling the massive hunk of metal and hurting someone. Namely me and the babies. I know many people feel safer in SUVs. I never did. So when my day care days were officially over, I got a car. I now drive a WRX subaru wagon.

I have to say it's the most fun I have ever had driving. And it's good I feel this way because my hubby and kiddos are positively spun over these cars. They love going to Subie festivals and camp outs, rallies and races. Greg brought this hat back for me from his latest event in Seattle.

It looks like I have crossed over. I guess I'm a groupie too.

Or at least I have a great hat for bad hair days.


Davis Family said...

Great photo! When we lived in Boston a few years ago, we were amazed that we NEVER saw a Subaru. When we got back to Oregon, you say them everywhere. I think they are a Northwest thing!

I am not really a car person, but the hubby so I benefit from that. My only complaint...the German engineers that can fine tune an engine and design headlights that turn when you steer can't design a decent cup holder. Petty? Perhaps, but it is important to me.

Lisa Milton said...

Oh, it's not petty. They clearly do not appreciate our need for serious caffeine, or sugar, or water for that matter. None of my water bottles fit in this car either.

I never knew how many people drove/love these Subarus (I didn't pay attention)until other drivers started waving at me when I went by. Lexi clued me in (she understands this subculture) and told me to salute them. I think that is going too far. And Greg assured me that he did *not* teach her that.

Have a great Thanksgiving!