Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Acquired taste

Greg and I had a couple nights last weekend to ourselves. Like most parents, we filled much of our Happy Hour talk about our hopes and dreams and fears--for and about our offspring. It's only natural, I guess. Zack shows signs of being quite a class clown--he is corny and happy and a ham. But beyond these things, I asserted, he really seems to have an unusual, wry sense of humor for a 5 year old.

The kids came home and it snowed. After a long day of school and snowball fights, I spent a few minutes watching the snow fall outside Zack's bedroom window before tucking him in. We spoke in hushed tones; the night was peaceful and still. Then I looked over at Zack. He was sitting on his knees, with a perfectly straight face and his straw from his water glass shoved up his nose. Just waiting for me to notice. Of course when I laughed, he nearly fell off his bed laughing too--which could have led to some serious nostril damage what with the straw and all. Such is life with Zack, the resident kindergarten comedian.

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