Monday, November 06, 2006

The doctor needs to be seen

When exactly did Dr. Phil go all Springer on us? I remember the good old days, when he made appearances on Oprah, and gave solid advice to people looking to solve everyday problems. I liked that Phil. I liked that Robyn, before she did something odd to her face. And their kids weren't marrying porn stars back then.

Greg says ratings happened to Mr. McGraw. That you gotta draw them in. But do I need to see episode after episode of a 3 year old girl screaming that her Daddy touched her pee-pee? Or anorexics on the verge of death? Or twin heroin addicts? Seriously, who are these people? I give up.

Meanwhile in TV land, JJ Abrams produced six sequential weeks of Lost this fall. I still can't get over the new term, 'fall series finale', but I will let it slide as long as I don't have to endure a repeat every other week. Or one of those dopey synoposis shows they pass off as new, with the voice-over providing a summary of everything I've already seen twice. Hey JJ. Next time Tom Cruise pulls up at 2 am and begs you to direct a movie, you just send him on his way. Send him home with some brochures about the benefits of pychiatric meds while your at it. He so clearly needs them and you have a show to write.

I have to hope we are smarter than that, that we deserve smart entertainment. I guess there's always HBO.

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