Friday, April 25, 2008

stellar parenting moments

Greg is in Vegasbaby, all week. He calls me from casinos and dinner parties and down crowded hallways and we catch up for a few minutes before he is called away. It's his company's worldwide sales convention and it's quite a production.

Everything here is the same: Bland, but not boring. The kids have broken the bickering barrier, in high pitch tones I'm certain only sea monkey ears can register.

I have reasoned and Loved & Logicked and ignored certain behaviors and doled out consequences. Nothing seemed to take the edge off.

Zack wants to sing 'Head & Shoulders' in French, again, and Lexi wants to play 'When the Saints Come Marching In' on her recorder, again, but if I am not facing them, simultaneously, thoroughly taking in this unholy round, then they begin growling, at each other. Reprimanding the other for interrupting. Growling, to get my attention.

Real, true, I AM YETI growling.

So, I did what every seasoned mother would do; I yelled.

I yelled something ridiculous about their growling and how as their mother, I don't have to take their bulllllllllllllll......crap. (I thought just long enough to correct myself.)

I paused. I thought: I'm acting like an idiot.

And then Zack busted up laughing, busting a gut because clearly his mother is a loon. I started chuckling too. I was sounding pretty pathetic.

(Lexi could not be reached for comment because she was still fuming over something that happened hours before. The pout is strong is that one.)

I guess we all have our breaking points. It's nice to know that sometimes, our kids can bend.


Scribbit said...

I hear you. ANdrew's in San Francisco all week and I just hate it when he's gone. Though it does give me an excuse to forget the makeup and cooking :)

JCK said...

Those moments are priceless, when your temper is flaring and then you all laugh. Rare here, but well remembered!

Kimberly said...

A few times I've managed to turn a yell into a hysterical laugh and got the kids giggling instead of cringing. ~sigh~

stephanie said...

Kudos to you for backing off the swearing. I personally dropped the f*bomb twice with Mason recently. While Stu was away, as a matter of fact. Darn traveling husbands...

I'm afraid my people aren't laughing enough about these incidents. I suspect a visit from CPS in the near future.

flutter said...

heh the pout is strong!

susiej said...

I love it when I don't have to fuss over dinner... more, when I can life like you.

Cheri said...

The husband travels . . and, party, oatmeal for dinner. Wow, we are Naughty. Have fun!

Jennifer H said...

You showed great restraint. More than I have lately. Maybe all the husbands got to some sort of super secret place just to get away and leave us alone at home. Why do they get to travel? I'm so over it.

You have my solidarity. Hang in there. It's good that everyone laughed.

Oh, and your son sings Head & Shoulders in French? How did that happen?

Beck said...

It's been a festival of whining here today, too. Magical!

Professor J said...

The pout is strong in that one. Brilliant.