Monday, April 28, 2008

blog me like I have one of those twitter things

Messy house, happy heart - still no post. *racking brain* now

Jazzercise instructor has 20 years on me, and STILL manages to bring me thisclose to death. Sweet - we're doing the Charleston - death. 2 hours ago

Returning car seat to my sister and tickling nephews. Taking abuse. They call me Aunt 'Stinky' and I haven't even worked out yet. 3 hours ago

I woke up sure I wrote the perfect sentence in my sleep. I can't remember it. Drat! about 5 hours ago

Stephanie and I are headed downtown, after she points out her crush at the grocery store. Then it's off to Powell's, a movie and early dinner. 1 day ago

I'm took the kids out to Grandma Jean's estate sale. My family is there. Austin, Zack, Lexi and I walk down to the creek, where Lori and I used to play. I'm flooded with memories. 1 day ago

We're strapping on some shoes and make fools of ourselves, bowling of all things. Dignified, fun-loving fools. Go out for Chinese food. 2 days ago

Walking to the new dog park. The kids throw Frisbees. Zack is uncharacteristically bold and pets a Great Dane. 2 days ago

The sun's out and we're going to Austin's soccer game. We mosey over to see our friends, the Monroes. 2 days ago

Zack and I loiter at Borders during Lexi's girl scout meeting. Greg walks in, right after we get home. The kids are happy he's home in time to tuck them in. Me too. 3 days ago


Cheri said...

CLEVER format.

Sigh. I covet a spot on the Powell's visit.

Lori said...

So sorry your nephews called you "Aunt Stinky" instead of Aunt Sissy! They are so very crazy...in love...with you! :)

ps -thanks for the return of the booster seat and the fun time provided to Austin yesterday - he loves to play with his cousins!

Kimberly said...

Cute...and ditto to Cheri's comment about Powell's. The bookstore in this town is the size of our bedroom.

For serious.

stu said...

Glad you and Stephanie got to go to a movie and have some fun.


stephanie said...

I want to despise Twitter, but I [not so secretly - I'm not good at covert, am I??] enjoy it's telegraph-like format.

Nice coverage of the weekend :)

Mrs. Chicken said...

You should totally twitter.

flutter said...

You SO need to twitter

katydidnot said...

oh, this was brilliant and clever. i have a feeling it will be stolen. no, not me. well, maybe.

Jennifer H said...

I could never Twitter so well as you! This was clever.

Beck said...

This is such a smart idea for a post! 2 minutes ago.

This Eclectic Life said...

Oh, great way to handle it...I'm going to remember this and steal your idea! Sounds like you have been busy anyway. I just hate young and fit Jazzercise instructors, don't you? And, bowling! America's sport.