Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Meet Lisa (Simpson) Milton

After several days of lying about and relaxing, I should have something meaningful to say today. Profound even. But I came home from one of my favorite parks, to my faithful laptop and a pickled brain. Which is sad considering I was driving home, looking forward to writing this afternoon - a treat between a playdate and swimming lessons. Still nothing.

I was visiting with Greg last night while I was making dinner, which looks a lot like me rattling on while he gazes at the forementioned laptop, when he suddenly started laughing. I paused because I wasn't saying something especially witty - it's hard to find funny in the middle east - when I realized he wasn't really *listening* but whatever. It happens.

Turns out he was thinking of me all along, a quieter me, making me into a 'Simpsons' character because you can totally do that on this here internet.

We Miltons sure know how to use our time effectively.
I give you Lisa Simpson Milton.

I think I heard something about what's good for the goose is good for the gander or something like that. Here's Greg.

Long to be yellow? Jaundice-free fun, right this way. (Don't be alarmed by the freaky BK dude. He's a sponsor. I'm sorry.)


Jesica said...

That was fun thanks!

Suzanne said...

You're a hottie!

You understand that this is too good to pass up and that I will be copying your radical find...

Anonymous said...

You look mahhvelous!

I almost peed my pants looking at Greg's!