Wednesday, July 11, 2007

57, 104

My Dad on his day
The heatwave arrived just in time for my Dad's birthday. We Pacific Northwest folks honestly don't know what to do with ourselves with the temperature hits triple digits. We're prepared for drizzle, not roasting.

Lucky for us, my parents bought a pool, and we put it to good use. Forget the last post; I gladly hopped in the water. No fear or grimacing and certainly no cameras this time.

Papa and his fan club

My Dad is Mr. Steady; the one folks can rely on. Whether it's helping my Grandma around her place, or working on my car - he's always there. He reminds us to drive carefully, chides us to be safe. I'm stubborn and don't always take to advice, but I know my Dad has my back.

And he's got the kids' hearts. Holy cow, they adore him. He is the man.

That's it, he's the man.

Happy birthday, Dad.

More birthday pictures here.


Oh, The Joys said...

Your Dad is totally cute - as are the kids!

Anonymous said...

Great photo! With all the kids around Grandpa, you can definitely see a resemblance!


Irene said...

How great is that picture?! Your parents are the coolest. I wish my kids' grandpa's were more involved in their lives, but maybe it's just not that time yet. You have a great one!