Friday, July 06, 2007

Chopper and the endless asking

Zack follows me through the house with a common refrain: 'What? What mommy?' Which has led to me some conclusions...

a)He has suffered hearing loss, pre-concert years, and needs a hearing aid
b)He is distracted/ignoring me.
c)He loves the sound of his mother's (increasingly impatient) voice.
d)He has water in his ears.
e) All of the above.

So I do my chores, repeating myself more than I should. Just when I think I'm losing my mind, he says he misses Daddy so much that he 'thinks his heart is going to crack'. I try to remember that Greg's travel schedule is hard on everyone. I sit down and we read Captain Underpants together. He laughs and he listens and I am sure he is fine.


We put the swimming lessons to work last night. Lexi took off with her friend, floating away. I can't see her in the pool. She has taken Independence Day to heart.

Zack obeys the sign that reads: Children under 7 must be within arm's reach of a parent. He dives down and holds his breath, playing with his girlfriend, part-mermaid. He shows me his back float. He whips onto his chest and propels his arms through the water, attempting to crawl. He swims with a fury, and goes very little. I laugh until he pops up; afraid he'll misunderstand and grow discouraged. He swims and I laugh. I laugh at this boy making his way, slowly, with gusto.

My heart is full.


SusieJ said...

OMG. It's so tough isn't it? Great sense of humor you have. Love the new look.

Anonymous said...

New art project...life size cut out of Greg. Maybe it'll help the heartache.