Monday, July 23, 2007

four parts coastline

July is coming to a close, but the Oregon coast is stuck in January. We walk along the rocky beach, the Pacific spits at us. We discover starfish and little crabs in the tide pools. The drizzle gives way to rain and we climb the stairs back to our car.

The kids don't complain.

We make our way through the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Lexi and Zack are anxious to get to the jellyfish exhibit. The urgency puzzles me until I think about good ol' Mr. Spongepants. He colors our world.

Lexi can't sleep in the hotel. It is 1 am and she is pounding her pillow, grunting tween grunts. I think she is sleepwalking, and try to reassure her. But she is awake, and crabby. The Idaho-Oregon Buddhist school is whooping it up down the hall, and she can't sleep. She stands over me, fiery words falling from her mouth. I tell her to deal with it. She finally melts into a puddle and passes out.

I can't believe Zack sleeps through her hissy fit. That boy can sleep through anything. Maybe he meditates.

I sleep a few more hours and wake up with the dawn, with the kids. I stumble around with my coffee and consider tying the kids down to the bedpost. To keep them quiet.

Then I decide to let them be.

Call it 'karma'.

Greg passes cars along Highway 101; the road winds. We get stuck behind campers for miles at a stretch. It feels longer. We race around them when we get to a passing lane. I gently pump my imaginary brake. He is lawful, but I am a wuss. We pass Widow's creek.

It feels like an omen.

We arrive safely. I am relieved.

Saturday night we go swimming in the hotel pool. The kids and I get there first. I give my limited pointers, the ones they have heard all summer. They spin and jump in, I float on my back.

Greg shows up and the party begins. He swims underwater, and pops up to surprise them. They fight for his attention. "Watch me, Daddy." They hold their breath under water, try to imitate him. He coaches them. I stand aside - this is not my forte. He does a handstand in the water. He is the champion.

Swimming with Daddy wins first prize. They jabber about it on the way home.

Zack falls asleep in the car, a smile on his lips.

We had a great weekend. Check it out.

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The Wonderfully Boring World of The Planters said...

Oh my goodness, I need a vacation. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through yours for a moment!