Thursday, October 09, 2008


Ready to laugh? Not ha-ha, that's-so-funny-whorehouse laugh; it's more of a snort. Here's some of the plans I had for Fall 2008:

  1. Upon moving to new college town, look into getting a brand spankin' new job. It's been a couple of years since I quit my bookseller gig, and working part-time would be good for me and my wallet.
  2. Find a new primary doctor and specialists and form a new team to manage chronic health problems.
  3. Seek out a new church, preferably close to my new home.

See how bright and shiny and new it was all going to be, once I stopped wailing and clinging on to the pant legs of friends and family here? Brave and bold and ready for the next step.

Enter Plan B:
  1. Sorta give up on moving and decide it's time to make some changes now. Putting off some decisions made sense in light of an impending move, but I'm tired of hearing myself sigh. Tired of listening to pundits and politicians. Time to take some action.
  2. I put together a resume and applied for some very part-time jobs in the school district, making daycare a non-issue while my husband travels.
  3. I've made several calls to my doctor's office and am seeking a new primary doctor here as mine left the practice in the spring. She was perfect in my eyes, and I do not like being considered a new patient (and have to wait a month for an appointment) in her absence, but I am willing to court another doctor. I have some health concerns that cannot wait.
  4. I did not break up with my church. Instead, I have given up the early 'my kids are so crabby and now so am I' service on Sunday mornings and have opted for the noon service. Yes, NOON. As in, after lunch. Sunday school is more laid back, several cups of coffee in, and I am not racing to make it on time, shoving young families to the pavement on my way to talk about baby Jesus. (No actual toddlers were hurt in the writing of this post, or um, ever. Really.)
I attended the coffee talk with our principal today, became a PTA member again and renewed my volunteer background check for the school.

And while I was taking care of business and blooming where I am planted - blah blah blah - I got a phone call from a Realtor about showing the house this afternoon.

Oh, the best-laid plans...


brandy101 said...

You know what will happen - the minute you get a call that you got the job, you will also get a call that you got an offer on the house!!!

Best wishes and those are VERY good plans!

I also had my *dream doctor* leave her practice (actually, she quit medicine altogether to be a full-time SAHM!!) I know you have so many things going on health-wise, I hope you get a wonderful, compassionate, and innovative *medical project manager* (primary care doc) to help you out.

phd in yogurtry said...

I like how you are making the most of NOW moments. Eckhart Tolle would be proud!

K. said...

Sort of reminds me of the story about how my parents tried for 4 years to have a baby, and I finally came along once they gave up and got a poodle.

It's the poodle that makes it a good story.

I wish you MUCH good luck on finding a great new doctor - that's so important and so difficult. I swear it was easier to find my soulmate than it has been to find (and keep) a doctor that fits me.

The Girl Next Door said...

Wow. the whole "life is what happens while you're making other plans" thingy? "IDK" as my Daughter says. Hang in there!

Shana said...

I was going to mention that whole adopt a baby, then you get pregnant thing... but then I saw k.'s comment about the poodle, which is just way better.

Good luck with the house showing... if you really want to sell? and move? and make new plans?

College town life is good, though.

flutter said...

heh i was thinking exactly what phd said

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Nooooooooo! I have been secretly praying that the moving thing would change in *my* favor.

But yay PTA! :D It's better with you.

Tomorrow we party; no moving talk.

holly said...

it's your birthday soon, yes? do tell. sorry, silly american-in-wales here, a bit behind on , oh, everything.

anyway - you'll look back and laugh. almost the that's-so-funny-whorehouse laugh. *almost*.

Kimberly said...

Wow...so much to wish you luck on. It hurts the brain a bit to contemplate it all, and it's not even my life!

Suzanne said...

Ain't life fun? But you have to make plans to feel like you're getting anywhere... even if those plans never actually see the light of day.

Jennifer H said...

Oh fate does have a sense of humor!

Plan B sounded pretty good...especially the noon service. Who ever decided that 9:00 was a good time for church on Sunday?? At our house, we hardly ever make it out the door without a lot of, shall we say, stress.

Good luck with the doctor. And with the house showing?

lapoflux said...

Ah Murphy and his law... I don't know if I should be hoping the house sells or not for you ;-)
But getting out of neutral would be good - I am impressed by your ambitious work this week!