Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jen's birthday celebration

One of my favorite chicas had a birthday this week.
dave & jen
That's Jen and her hubby, Dave. (Good shot, honey.)
jen's birthday celebration
Sam, Jen, Stephanie & me (Thanks, Stu.)

We went into Portland for Happy Hour (and this group needed the Happy), and then to Harvey's Comedy Club.

I am so lucky to have friends like I do.


Denise said...

It looks like you guys had a blast!! Good photos!

so NOT cool said...

Well, darn. I can't see the photos at this particular moment in time, so I'll have to try and come back later.

(Flickr has been down for the past few hours, so that must be it.)

katydidnot said...

hi, my name is jealous. i'm here with my friends envy and covet.

Shana said...

Husb and I just had a big talk with our kids today over lunch about how lucky we all are to have such good friends. Looks like you've got some keepers there too.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

The Happy & the Comedy were priceless, not to mention the Girlfriends.

I'm so glad you & Greg could make it.

Grandy said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope the hour (or two or three) was very happy! ;)

Stu said...

I had fun. Glad you and Greg could come out.


Karen said...

Looks like fun.
And now I know how you found me on twitter you are friends with Stephanie aka Bad Mom.
Having a bunch of friends like you makes me think the cold and snow wouldn't be so bad.