Monday, August 11, 2008

of yoga and pledge

While on vacation with her husband in Bermuda - let's just appreciate that for a moment *sigh* - Mama Milton will be running some scheduled posts. Some are repeats. I wrote this one in November of 2007. Ta ta. ox

The wind has been whipping through the gorge, knocking branches down and squelching my plans to go for a long walk today. I could brave the gym, but my workout partner is packing for Disneyland, and going alone just stinks. Without distractions, I am bound to stare at the clock the entire time, suffering a slow death.

Today is a perfect day for yoga.

[I brought along some fine actors, to aid in the reenactment.]
pink barbie
(Pink-haired Barbie was a total diva; she was fired. I'm sure I'll be hearing from her union.)

I pulled out my mat. Put on a DVD and....
(I don't recall smiling.)

whoa, whoa, aaaaagggghhhhh

corpse pose
fell to the ground.


Zack + Dusting with Pledge = Treacherous Yoga Studio

I have a new strategy for tomorrow:

my kind of exercise

I think stretching my fingers over the remote has got to count for something.



Professor J said...

I'm thinking that working those dolls around has to be something of a workout as well.

K. said...

An oldie but a goodie! Hope you're having a blast.

flutter said...

does pink haired barbie have circulatory issues? Her legs are awfully blue....

holly said...

niiiiice. i had no idea you were so flexible...

Shana said...

That red jumpsuit makes you look so skinny!

Beck said...

You look awesome in your red leotard and your hair is SO LONG AND SHINY! Pritty!

Suzanne said...

Your posts makes me smile. I've been doing yoga a lot lately, finding it to be the best pregnancy work-out. But my balance is SOOOO not what it was six months ago...

missburrows said...

nice use of disney characters!