Monday, August 04, 2008


I sat on the lawn while the kids swam and carefully plotted ideas for posts for the next two weeks, trying that clever approach on for size.

Today I was supposed to post a saucy and downright hilarious piece with props and pictures. But I just couldn't muster any funny yesterday.

(Cue Debbie Downer.)

I was restless. I missed church. I drove out way yonder to pick up Greg - he was having some work done on his car in no man's land - and missed my turn. I had relied on my new GPS system and it steered me wrong.

I ended up at some Lutheran church, perched in a pasture, with no cell phone coverage and a mouth full of cuss.

But I found him out by a donkey patch and narrowly escaped being hit by a passing car, coming straight at us.

I tripped over things. I'd fiddle with a project, pick up a book and then lose interest. It was just that day.

Evening came and I hobbled through a Jazzercise set, my mood improving, worn out and ready for bed, the only good cure when the day has been too long.


Jess said...

This is how I have felt all week. I think our moods follow the same patterns and cycles. Damn being a woman!

All Adither said...

Oh, I despise days like that. It's good that you recognize it as temporary though. Just a small roadblock.

flutter said...

I love this new look my love, but days like that suck.

Oliver Rain said...

I definitely have days like this. They are surprisingly often these days. I wander around trying to find something to do, then usually sit down at the computer for several hours. ugh.

I'm back from holidays and had a chance to catch up on your recent posts. I would definitely go for no bra with the strapless dress. Imagine having to pull up on the stupid bra every minute of so because it keeps slipping down. This has been my past experience with strapless bras.

You look lovely after your run. My face is normally bright red and I look like I've been hit by a truck. Keep at it, the running I mean. It will be worth it, plus it inspires me to keep running.

Kimberly said...

Oh my yes...I know exactly the sort of feeling!

Lori said...

Ah, and you had my little talkative three year old in tow for the whole afternoon yesterday. So glad that the oncoming car didn't hit you guys. He had a great day, if that helps! He told me today again about dancing with Aunt Sissy. :)

holly said...

what you really really need is to make fun of someone more fortunate than we. it REALLy really helps.

like mary kate and ashley. go on, you KNOW you want to talk about how sick we are of talking about them. it'll make ya smiiiiile....

Lisa Milton said...

Yes, Caden (my nephew) was here, but he was sweet and good.

We did dance to the B 52s...he tolerates my crazy very well.

I just woke up clumsy and out of it and after a good night's sleep, I feel better today.

(C wasn't with me when the car nearly took us out. But it was scary.)

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Well you looked lovely & were a delightful dinner mate at the rib place last night, if that's any consolation.

And TOMORROW! Yippee yahoo! :D

be well*