Wednesday, August 06, 2008

a longer fuse

The trouble with staging, this striving to make our home feel like a hotel, is eventually you succeed, and this living in a hotel leads to the kids looking at me with eyes that plead: What now?

Boredom leads to bickering over who swims The Best, debated within what Jennifer Grey would agree is my personal space, their words bouncing off our empty walls.

(The fact that they both swim better than me, the weak link in the swimming gene pool, escapes them. It always makes me chuckle.)

In a few short days, I will be whisked away to Bermuda for the week and soon after, school starts again. I strive to live in the here and now, but this looking ahead helps me let out my fuse and hold my tongue.

Summer has but a short shelf life.


holly said...

i long for summer days. if i'd have known, my junior year of high school, that it would be my last summer of freedom *ever*?

i'd have so made the very most of that summer!

um, it seems to me that if you make your house feel like a hotel, you make *you* feel like a housekeeper, yes?

*i'm* going for summer camp house. everyone's in charge of their own laundry!

lapoflux said...

Bickering. We are in full on bickering too and it's got me calling things fish.
Summer is too short to have to do this not fun moving stuff. I admire you living in a staged home, I can't keep ours clean (luckily there are no more showings).
You'll have a wonderful fun time in Bermuda and everyone can act like they should in the summer (I am typing with a whole lot of 4 year old assistance...)

Jennifer H said...

Bermuda sounds perfect right now. Maybe you'll get an offer while you're away, then you can come back and mess up your house just for fun!

Suzanne said...

Wow, we have the exact same swimming issues in our house. The kids constantly argue over who is the better swimmer... and they both out-swim me.

Sadly, we have only 11 days left until school starts again. Where -- oh where?-- did the time go??

Kimberly said...

What a strange sort of life that must be...you must be yearning for the next step...to feel like things are for real again.

Denise said...

I'm ready for summer to be OVER....:o)

Saucy said...

Summer is too short for words. I can't imagine extending it with a genius trip to Bermuda. You are my hero.