Thursday, December 28, 2006

A word from the editor

Yes, that would still be me. I am over the Christmas red and green blog colors. Sorry the site is pretty bland right now. I am working on spicing it up over the next week. I really want 3 columns. Really. There's no place like 3 columns.

(Maybe if I click my heels and stuff, it will happen.)


Davis Family said...

Three columns pale in comparison to categorized (not chronological) postings. This would be perfect for my sister's professional site, www.RebeccaHull.com. I got to figure that one out. Thanks for the idea!

Lisa Milton said...

Hey Jennifer!

Does Rebecca's site use blogger beta? The beta version has a customized category section. It is very easy to use, and easy to convert to. (The only big drawback is I am no longer able to utilize the fancy templates you suggested on BloggerAssist.) Her artwork is amazing, by the way.

Happy New Year!