Tuesday, December 12, 2006


My nephew, Caden, will be 17 months this week. He is super cute and my kids are gaga for him. He has been saying 'Mama' for some time now, and he gestures and babbles. And then he whipped out 'Santa' this week--he's no fool. He knows who the key players are.

We celebrate Christmas in many ways. We love the spirit of giving; we believe in the Christmas story, that God came near in the form of a baby. We also embrace fat ol' Santa and the Grinch. I know some Christians have a problem with the secular symbols of the season, but I find the materialism, in and outside the church, to be far more alarming. I grew up in a church where there was barely any mention of Christmas. I always felt a void. I secretly envied Catholics, what with their midnight masses and spiritual rituals. I love that we participate in Advent now. We meet in a high school gym. It's not the most fancy place around, but come December, the lights are lowered, the candles are lit, and it is magical. I hope I am creating good memories for my kids that will stay with them--more than anything I can grab at the store.

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