Thursday, December 21, 2006

Medford recap

Greg and Nikki
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We're home!

We spent five days with Greg's family; it was a great visit. Nikki, Greg's sister, drove up from from San Diego with her three sons, Danny (13), Josh (10) and Trevor (8). Her daughter Adri is a freshman at Boise State. It was amazing to have everyone there at once. We will have to do it more often.

Adri flew to Medford Saturday morning, so she was there when we arrived. She looks so much like Nikki and the boys, it is startling. She is absolutely charming, witty and sweet. She exhibited the patience of Job with Lexi, who is enamored with her older cousin. She is a theatre major and a bit of a movie buff, so we had plenty to talk about. I was glad she was able to come--I imagine it must be strange meeting another family, and maybe awkward with her Mom in Boise. I am grateful to have her in our lives.

The boys are so big now! I haven't seen them since Trevor was a baby. The last time I saw Danny, he was practicing reading to me. Now he plays guitar and is certainly more hip than me. Josh was great hauling Zack around on his back, showing him video games. The cousins played so well together, like they hang out all the time. I am trying to figure out a time to go visit them in California.

We celebrated birthdays and Christmas together, went out to dinner --the girls even got pedicures and manicures. We were spoiled rotten. Greg and I also reconnected with some friends we lost touch with while we were there. I can't wait to catch up.

The only bummer was some of my pictures didn't turn too good. The family pictures were either dark, or blurry. Boo! And I think I gave Greg and Nikki brown eyes when I fixed the red eye in this photo--but I liked this picture too much to pass up on posting it. Dan, my father-in-law, is going to send a disc with all the family pictures so I should have some good ones to add to flickr later and print. I wish I had taken some in Ashland (where Greg proposed) or of the frosty orchards, but I didn't want to take the camera everywhere. It was beautiful.

Well, I better go finish unpacking and cleaning. I am sure the kids have managed to spread every new toy and art supply throughout the house while I have been typing. Yep, I am sure of it.

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