Thursday, October 19, 2006


Zack doesn't like it when I am on the computer too long. Especially when the laptop is 'sitting' in his spot. I think he found a solution. My kids fight, a lot. I know this is normal, but don't tell me it's pleasant. I had to snap this picture (and I succeeded this time) before they came to their senses and started poking each other in the eye.

The rest of this post is going to go like this: brag brag brag, brag brag brag, brag brag--you get the picture. And if you don't share our gene pool, I will forgive you for declaring me a prime example of why no one should read mommy blogs, what with the sappiness and endless blather about their genius kids and all. You are excused.

Now on to the highlights from the forementioned conferences:

Zack spent his pre-K years at a special ed preschool and before that, he spent a year in one-on-one speech therapy. He initially qualified for an IEP for delays in speech, fine motor skills and intellectual development. He eventually tested out of the program and was regarded as a 'typically developing' child. I still worried. What would kindergarten bring? Would his struggles with speech resurface as troubles with reading? I got the impression that only time would tell. So far, it appears he is doing fine. Even ahead in many areas. And when his teacher smirked at Zack's answer to 'what makes me special'--"I can do connect-the-dots"--Greg and I shared our own private smile. Little does she know where he has been; little does she know he can independently connect those dots to 150.

Lexi has always been quiet at school, a little reserved. At the beginning of 2nd grade, I wasn't sure if her teacher could have picked her out of a line up--she sorta blended right in. She does what she is supposed to do and I sometimes worry at the end of the day, she will be lost in the shuffle and discouraged. I am sure we are guilty of taking her good manners and willingness to please for granted too. And how long before she realizes that if you really want extra attention, to be bribed for good behavior, all you got to do is let your freak flag fly? Well, I am certain it won't be this year, because this teacher is paying attention--and her praise took us by surprise. She is doing well academically. This is clear. She was also attuned to Lexi's eye for illustration. But when she spoke of Lexi's kindness and patience with other students, that she has been instrumental in helping another little boy succeed, that she shows great leadership skills--we were puffed up and all gloaty inside. I will remember this day when her kindness is lacking with her brother. She is turning out ok, despite me.

I slept good last night.

*This concludes bragfest, October 2006. Be well.

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