Wednesday, October 18, 2006

10 reasons why I am looking forward to the 'holiday season'

It is wrong to talk about the 'holidays', unless it is Halloween, in October. But that season is not far away. Last week, some well-meaning mom quoted how days I had left to shop before Christmas. My head nearly blew up.

When did Christmas become so ugly? And something I actually started to dread? No more, I say. No more! Here's some reasons I hope will make me smile as the days go on:

  1. I am not working in retail this Christmas.
  2. On a related note, I will not be yelled at by beleaguered, evil customers who hate the season and are nonetheless spending money they do not have on things no one needs.
  3. And I won't have to give recommendations to folks who have never been in a bookstore before and have no love for books. (Yes Virginia, there are other authors besides Dan Brown and JK Rowling.)
  4. We are going to my in-laws' llama ranch the week before Christmas. My sister-in-law and nephews are coming up from Poway, CA.
  5. Christmas Eve services and celebrating Advent.
  6. Taking the kids to the Grotto.
  7. Zoolights with Greg's company.
  8. Baking and making crafts with the kids.
  9. Movies.
  10. Hanging out with family and friends, drinking Bailey's and coffee.

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