We were prepped and ready. I bought caffeine-free goodies. I got my hair trimmed. I was mentally prepared. I had made arrangments for Snickers the hamster.

I was ready to spend Thanksgiving with Greg's family, a 5 hour sojourn south to their llama ranch. And Thursday is my mother-in-law's birthday too, so I was feeling smug. I'd be a rock star this time. We would be there, with bells on, and she would shine upon me and my good daughter-in-law status.

It came crashing down when Greg called the dog kennel - this week - and guess what? It is full. I could point out that we've had these plans for a while so I don't know why he put it off. He could point out that I could have been in charge of the arrangements, and gee, he's been working hard. We could fight. But we won't.

Instead we will be the bad kids, a source of disappointment and listen to the kids lose it when we tell them we've postponed the trip until the beginning of January.

[If we remember to call the kennel.]

So here I sit, gearing up for the sobfest to come. Tween girls can wail forrrreeeeevvvvveeeerrrr - the perfect soundtrack to a dreary Saturday afternoon.

(I should mention that I am stealing away with Bad Mom around noon. Ahh, sweet escape...)


K. said…
There is very little that is worse than being caught between your parents (or in-laws) and your kids expectations and actual reality. I'm glad you get to run off - that seems like the most sensible thing.
Disappointed expectations - one of life's greatest trials. So sorry!
Anonymous said…
we can come over and feed/play with your hound so you can head south for some family fun.

Let us know.

lapoflux said…
At least it wasn't you who missed the crucial reservation ;-)
Hope they are over the worst of the disappointment - good luck!
If it's any consolation it's raining here. Lots of rain. For days. So there is always that.

Sorry about the canceled plans. As I've documented well (with whining), I was supposed to be up that way this weekend. Instead, I am home with the kids who caught a stomach bug from me. Good times!

And yes, your pity does help me ever so much. Hehe.

Does mine? =D
Anonymous said…
Ouch. Take Stu up on his offer --
Unknown said…
what if we watch your dog? Let me ask Kevin. Let me know if you want to try and work that out.
JCK said…
Oh...GOD. Can I relate. I am so sorry. Those parental guilt trips are tough, especially the in-laws. Yikes! Kudos for you and your man to not fight. That could have been a BIG blowup.

Hopefully you can take Bad Dad up on his offer? Happy Thanksgiving!

I have to confess that the biggest stressor about going away for us is who is going to feed the animals. We have several neighbors who pitch in, but this Thanksgiving of course, everyone, is going away! We have 2 large dogs and a cat. They are all over 10. Cat is 15, Dog is 12 and other dog 10. And so you see my problem. Teeneybopper pets AND preschoolers. We barely got it covered, but we're off to Florida for a family reunion!
Daisy said…
At least you'll be with family (your family) on Thanksgiving!!! Look at the bright side; it could be surprisingly wonderful just being with your nuclear family.

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