dumb punks in the park

I was feeling rather spright last night - it may have had something to do with my 'nap'. Or maybe it was the tea. Whatever it was, I felt better by evening.

So, I dropped Lexi off for choir practice and headed to one of my favorite urban parks, to take pictures of the ginormous Christmas tree. I had just stepped out of my car and took 2 shots - bad shots - when two guys came out of the darkness, hollering at me.

Apparently Paranoid Perp and his sidekick, Reeks O'Booze, didn't appreciate my portrait session and demanded that I erase the pictures I was taking of them. I couldn't decide if I should be scared or just irritated, but I reassured them that I was after a picture of the tree.

sad christmas tree shot
They continued their tough talk, that I was lucky this time and I probably am. But for a brief moment, hopped up on tea and very well rested, I felt like grabbing the twits by the ear. Sending them to the naughty bench or putting their drugs in time-out.

(Nanny 911 for wannabe gangstas.)

But I went on my merry way, with a lousy shot and achy head.

Something tells me you've got to be pretty lost and frightened, standing in the cold beneath that enormous tree, to be scared of a camera flash.

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katydidnot said…
let's get all the gangsta mommy blog bitches and go kick some ass!
stephanie said…
You better believe I would have unleashed the Bad Teacher in me...I've got peeps in my classrooms.

I like the ghostly view of the first picture. Nice work - especially the not getting jumped part :)
SusieJ said…
Yeah! Let's go!! And, I always miss the community tree-lighting ceremony. I remember it when I see the flier on the calendar two days later.
Grandy said…
Ack!! Talk about killing your holiday spirit...and ruining the rest of a good nap!
Melanie said…
"Now Jay Jay and T-Ballz, you musn't jump Mummy like that. It's not a'ceptable. Off to the naughty chair for seventeen minutes."

Sigh. Typing that made me wish I had a British nanny. Or a nanny of any nationality, really.
That is decidedly odd...and your recounting of it decidedly funny.

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