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The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest.

Thomas Moore


We had turkey last night, with all the fixings. Greg had returned from the first of many trips this month - we cranked up the Christmas tunes, the kids squabbled over who should *get to* set the table.

Lexi wondered aloud which version of Happy X-Mas (War is Over) she liked better: Sarah McLachlan or Melissa Etheridge. (Poor John & Yoko.)

Zack practiced what he had learned in his Mandarin Chinese class, through a toothless grin.

We laughed and we joked and we enjoyed each other's company.

Blessed comes to mind.

I'm off to the beach this weekend with some of my favorite people - yes, a girls' weekend away before Christmas. Scandalous!

I'll be back to posting by Monday. Let's keep in touch, ok?


Suzanne said…
The obvious question is: how do you get your kids to fight over who *gets to* set the table??

Yay for girls' weekend! Have a fun time.
This Girl said…
I love the picture. Enjoy your girls' weekend!!
Daisy said…
LOVED the Thomas Moore quote. I'm not usually a person motivated by quotes, because I could just make up any ole thing and attach someone important to it, and poof! it's more legit... but I really REALLY liked his sentiment. I agree wholeheartedly -- the simple things done at home mean SO much.

Enjoy your weekend away! I think I just might have to plan another girls scrapbook getaway myself! :-)
Such a lovely quote. I needed to hear that today. Hope it's a lovely weekend away. Actually, how could it fail to be, right? Hope you come home feeling happy and rejuvenated!
Mrs. G. said…
I do love those simple things. Have a wonderful time at the coast.
SusieJ said…
Can I come over? It sounds like a wonderful night. And congrats, by the way, we did it!
Melissa said…
Hi Lisa!

Glad you like the badge :) Congrats on making it through NaBloPoMo!
katydidnot said…
i'm, like, totally jealous. have fun this weekend. think of me. please, thanks.
Karen Jensen said…
Have a lovely weekend, Mama Milton. See you soon
lapoflux said…
Have a wonderful weekend away - sounds like you had a great send off for it!
Amanda said…
Oooh, you go and have fun. I am so excited for you!
K. said…
A girls' weekend away right before Christmas? Scandalous and divine! I hope you have/had a blast!
Scribbit said…
That quote is so wise--made me stop and think a minute.
Anonymous said…
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