gobble gobble

This week our street has been lined with cars, families coming to visit the elderly women in the residential care home across the street.

Fresh-faced college students, pull up, radios blaring. Older men shuffle on the sidewalk, courting their ailing wives. Little kids romp in the yard.

Soon our Christmas lights will be drowned out with flashing red lights, pouring into my bedroom window at midnight.

Ambulances become frequent, unwelcomed guests during the winter.

But today, the busy street fills me with hope.

May you be blessed and surrounded by the ones you love today.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said…
Happy Thanksgiving, friend. May there be no ambulances in your life this day...

Come over for respite anytime!
Mrs. G. said…
Happy Thanksgiving, Mama Milton.
lapoflux said…
Hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
Hope it's a wonderful holiday for you. =)
flutter said…
and to yours, friend.
Anonymous said…
Hope it was a good one.

K. said…
What an amazing snapshot of life you've captured in this description. The flashing red lights drowning out the Christmas lights is especially poignant.

Puts things into a real perspective.
katydidnot said…
um...certainly you don't mean harry potter?

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