a present for Alexis

They leave me speechless.
{Get wordless.}


Zack came days before Lexi's birthday. She took to him like a mama bear, growling at the nurses that he belonged to us.

I loved that raincoat. She is clutching a dinosaur. (She was obsessed.)
Jennifer said…
So sweet.

Happy WW!
Mrs. G. said…
What a sweetheart. Look at those curly locks. If you ever need a break just drop her over here and we'll have ourselves a tea party. I miss little girls. I love my teen gir, but she isn't much into tea parties any more.
Anonymous said…
Oh! I love them (the kids & the pictures)!
Kristin said…
Aw, sweet! Definitely to be grateful for.
Kara said…
So adorable! What cuties :)

Anonymous said…
Wonderful pics! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!
Anonymous said…
What a gorgeous, beautiful smile -- she's all aglow.
Not just cute...beautiful. Startlingly so.
CamiKaos said…
those pics are so lovely

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