I've been feeling a little humbuggy. A little weary about Christmas, the days following Thanksgiving. I think it has to do with the HYPE and the GUILT and the I HAVE TO DO IT RIGHT sensations I had as I pulled out my decorations.

I'm running behind, according to my self imposed rules. My cards aren't done; I can't decide if I want to make some, or do a picture card, like I usually do. I didn't make my booze yet.

It seems like my festivities have become forced, contrived and I don't want it to be that way.

So I am letting myself off the hook. I'm looking over my list of to dos, and slicing the items that make my inner banshee screech me tired and whiny.

Do you need some relief in the guilt department? Well, I've got a little something for you too my dear.

Maybe you need to hang out with the oompa loompas, or Johnny Depp. Maybe you need to say 'no' to yet another worthy, but exhausting night out. Another volunteer project.

I say let some of it go. Join me. It's feels good.

(But, I get the chocolate.)


*Morgan Spurlock came by my church this morning to promote his new documentary: What Would Jesus Buy? (It was a surprise to me too. He said it was his first interview at a church.) It's playing at the Cinema 21 this week, if you live in the Portland area. It just might be what the doctor ordered.

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Anonymous said…
I can't wait to see Spurlock's new doc. I used to live right around the corner from Cinema 21...back in the day when I was single and able to roam the streets of Portland.

What would Jesus buy? I think healthcare for his children would be at the top of the list.

Mrs. G.
Anonymous said…

I'll let you off the hook for the booze, just give me the recipe.

Glad you made it over today for your walk and tea with the girls.

katydidnot said…
bah humbug...i'm totally with you.
Anonymous said…
Ooh! Do you suppose by some miracle this movie might play in Cannon Beach this weekend? We could sneak out for a bit; it IS about Jesus...
This hits really, really close to home. Thanks for the permission to be human again.
Melanie said…
Morgan Spurlock came to your church?!? What kind of awesome church do you attend?

And I haven't yet seen the film but know this to be true: no matter what Jesus would buy, I know he wouldn't buy it at WalMart.
Amanda said…
Oh, you be gentle on you!

And your comments on the boy vs girl question made my sleepless self crack up, thanks!
Anonymous said…
ooh, I can't wait until Spurlock's movie is out on dvd.

I am trying my best to quash my inner-super-consumer. But sometimes...dark choclate, scented candles and bath goodies just seem so *right* ;)

I also have no idea what we are going to do for a card this year; usually its a pic of the kid and dogs but that seems to be getting a bit stale...
JCK said…
This film looks intriguing. It opened here last week. Date night!!!!

Mix me up a cocktail, would ya?

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